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Trollbo is Swedish for "Home of Trolls"

Trollbo News 2003-2004:

Trollbo News:

Ch. Rufus Di Morghengo,VC and MH (right) with his namesake Rufus Cup (for best in show and best in field) awarded at the annual SCOA meeting in April 2003. The other trophy is the Kemo Cup awarded to him for the highest field achievement at the SCOA meeting. He was the National Specialty winner and the Specialty winner (out of 51 Spinoni).  This made Rufus eligible to be invited to the 2004 Westminster Kennel Club show where he will be shown by owner/handler Lena Amiriam.

Rosy Di Valpotenza “Julia” received a 112 prize 1 in her Natural Ability test in June 2003 at the Yankee chapter of NAVHDA.

Hvalbakka's Karlotta received a prize 1 with 110 points in her Natural Ability Test at the Carolina chapter of NAVHDA in Dec. 2003.

Lola Del Restone became the first Spinone AKC Master Hunter in 2002. She also received 200 points and a prize II in NAVHDA Utility test.

Ch Rufus Di Morghengo, VC, MH became the second Spinone AKC Master hunter and the first Versatile Champion among the Spinone in 2002. Best of Opposite at Westminster Kennel Club, 2002. Competed at the 2002 Spinone National Championships held in Italy and received a 2 Eccelente rating.

Lena Amiriam  is a NAVHDA judge  as well as an AKC judge for the Spinone Italiano.

Ch. Rufus Di Morghengo, VC and MH
Current Holder of BOTH the
SCOA Rufus Cup and
SCOA Kemo Cup

"Trollbo" dedicates itself to the preservation and promotion of the classic Italian Spinone.

Emphasis is put on correct morphology in accordance with the Italian standard as well as classic field performance as described in the Italian working standard.

We welcome any inquires about the Spinone, and look forward to providing you with further information.

Field training sessions can be arranged upon request.

RufusLenaBOBAnnualMeeting2001wJudge.jpg (36237 bytes)
Rufus Di Morghengo

Lena and Rufus
 at the Nationals in Italy 2002

Rufus_with_grouse.jpg (93309 bytes)
Rufus_on_point_as_a_2_year_old.jpg (36852 bytes) RufusBOBApril2001.jpg (41249 bytes)
SCOA National Specialty 1st place
winner at the Annual meeting of the SCOA in Hustle Virginia in April, 2001 where he became a champion.

1st Spinone to receive a maximum score in a Utility test in NAVHDA
NAVHDA Prize 1 Utility Maximum Score of 204pts in a Utility test at the Yankee chapter fall test in Bowdoinham,Maine in September, 2001.

Rufus was awarded "Best of Breed" at the 2004 Westminster Kennel Club Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City

RufusBOBBoston2000.jpg (17125 bytes) lenarufus.jpg (67046 bytes)
Trollbo02.jpg (20355 bytes)
First Place in his class at the 
National Spinone Show in 
Meldola, Italy, 
Oct. 1999 at 16 mo.


Trollbo03.jpg (17000 bytes)
Rufus Di Morghengo
Best of Opposite
1999 SCOA National Meeting


(15220 bytes)
Lola Del Restone
First Place in her class at the 
National Spinone Show in 
Meldola, Italy, 
Oct. 1999 (3 1/2 yrs)
Trollbo04.jpg (20981 bytes)
Dora Di Val Potenza
Italian Import 9/99
(17105 bytes)
Trollbo Levar Del Sole
Sunrise with Pheasant
Trollbo01.jpg (14786 bytes)
Qualified with a "very good" in the field trial at Rocca Delle Caminata in Mendola, Italy (10/99)
(18885 bytes)
Sunrise withWoodcock
(19069 bytes)
Ashod with Sunrise and Diva - Hanging Out at a NAVHDA weekend in Maine
(21205 bytes)
Sunrise with a Pheasant
(19997 bytes)
Sunrise - Retrieving a Duck
(16769 bytes)
(21040 bytes)
Tomba and Surise - Vacationing In Indiana
(16723 bytes)
Lena with Lola, Paldo and Sunrise
A Successful Pheasant Hunt In Mass.
(17137 bytes)
Lena and Lola with a Duck
NAVHDA training in Maine
(15282 bytes)
Paldo Dell Sabbie D'Oro (13mo)
Italian Import
(21197 bytes)
Lena with Sunrise
ARBA Gr. Champion
(41801 bytes)
Lena with Paldo
(77010 bytes)
(29816 bytes)
Paldo at 5 months
(15899 bytes)
Paldo at 13 months

 NAVHDA Testing and Trollbo Kennel

"Sunrise" - 
Trollbo Levar Del Sole: 

Natural Ability Prize I 
at 13 months (108 pts)

Utility Prize II 
at 2yrs 1 mos (190 pts)

"Paldo" - 
Paldo Dell Sabbie D'Oro: 

Natural Ability Prize III 
at 15 months (95 pts)


"Lola" - 
Lola Del Restone: 

Natural Ability Prize II 
at 15 months (99 pts)

Utility Prize II 
at 3 1/2 yrs.  (200 pts)

"Rufus" - 
Rufus Di Morghengo: 


Natural Ability Prize II  
at 8 mos. (104 pts) 

Utility Prize I
Maximum score (204 pts)

NAVHDA Invitational Competition, 2002.
(196 out of 200 pts)

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